Zaptec Sense - load balancer - multiple options

Plugs into your fuse box, reads your building's energy consumption and regulates charging speed to maximise available power.

If power availability in your building is limited, an electrician might set your charging station to a lower output to prevent outages. Zaptec Sense dynamically adjusts the charging based on available power, providing efficient charging without the fear of overloading the system.

Comes in different versions, for different fuse boxes and countries:

  • Zaptec Sense HAN
  • Zaptec Sense bundle - 1-phase energy meter max 100A
  • Zaptec Sense bundle - 3-phase energy meter max 150A
  • Zaptec Sense bundle - 3-phase energy meter max 600A
  • Zaptec Sense bundle - 1-phase inline/direct e-meter max 65A
  • Zaptec Sense bundle - 3-phase inline/direct e-meter max 100A