Zaptec Go

Clean in design and clever in function – our award-winning home charger simplifies your charging experience.

Award-winning design

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award & EVIEs best domestic product. Who said chargers can't look good? Certainly not us.

5-year guarantee

Zaptec Go is built to last. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Norway for some of the roughest weather on the planet.

Fast Install

The Zaptec Go saves both time and cost on installation, making it a dream for installers and customers alike.

Voted as the No. 1 EV charger in Norway and Sweden

Given the Nordics' standing as the world's most developed EV market, with high consumer standards, we're incredibly proud to be awarded 'Best in Test' in Norway and Sweden.

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Suitable for

Home charging

Zaptec Go highlights

No bigger than an iPad and only 1.3 kg. Skip the car compatibility check – our charger works with any EV.

Whether you're into the nitty-gritty details or prefer a set-and-forget approach, the Zaptec App turns your phone into an EV mission control centre.

The Zaptec Go EVCP saves both time and cost on installation, with a record-breaking install time of less than 4 minutes, making it a dream for installers and customers alike.

Zaptec Go represents quality and safety featuring built-in protection that continuously monitors the product through integrated sensors measuring temperature, overcurrent, residual current, and humidity. The product has undergone external testing to confirm compliance with all safety requirements of IEC 61851-1 and IEC 60364, and it comes with a five-year guarantee.

With the Zaptec App, you've got two ways to save: Eco Mode tracks electricity prices to charge your car when rates are low. Or schedule your preferred charging times manually. Additionally, Zaptec Sense can gather total consumption data from your fuse box, allowing you to set power limits based on energy tariffs.

Always connected with WiFi or 4G – with over-the-air updates for the latest features.

With built-in PEN fault detection, you can rest assured that you can get the maximum charge, without safety being an issue. Integrated residual current protection - RDC-DD (6mA DC) according to IEC 62955. Electronic, automatic reset by replugging Type 2 cable
Integrated open PEN fault protection BS 7671:2018 Amendment 1:2020 Clause 722.411.4.1 (iv)

  • Zaptec Help Center: At our Help Center, you can find the assistance you need for various issues. Whether it's troubleshooting or seeking specific information about products or FAQ, we have designed this platform to provide quick and effective support.
  • Customer support: Find contact information for customer support in each country, ensuring you get the support you need, tailored to your location.
  • The benefit of cloud: Because the Zaptec Portal is a cloud platform, we can resolve a vast majority of cases remotely. This capability not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that, if you're in contact with us, we can have a more informed and productive discussion about your issue, leading to quicker solutions.

Zaptec Go

One charger, six colours

Blend in or stand out – choose from six refined colours

Explore all our charging features with the Zaptec App

Eco Mode for cheaper charging
See charging history
Schedule charging manually
Remote control – give access and lock cable

Monitor your building's energy use and adjust charging speed with Zaptec Sense

Prevents circuit overload
Auto-adjusted EV charging
A tool to lower electricity bills

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