Updated and enhanced Zaptec Go with full OCPP compatibility

During 2024, Zaptec Go owners will receive updated firmware with full OCPP 1.6J compatibility. The upgrade will minimise the traffic on the cloud, as third-party users, such as Tap Electric, Monta, Fuuse and others. These different payment solutions can communicate directly with the charger, avoiding unnecessary communication via the Zaptec system.

-The upgrade has already started through a beta rollout, and all existing Zaptec Go users will get the new, improved OCPP through our over-the-air updates during the year. For Zaptec partners who wish to be included in the early stages of the beta rollout, all they need to do is reach out, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements, says Mats Vorkinn, Product Marketing Manager at Zaptec.

-Lastly, if you now ask yourself as a Zaptec user if you need to do anything related to the upgrade, the answer is no. Our OCPP 1.6J compatibility is live and being enrolled as we speak, he adds.

What does it mean that Zaptec Go now is OCPP upgraded? Dive into the latest episode of the Zaptec(h) Talks! podcast below to learn more.