Zaptec home charger

So you need a home charger?

Congratulations on taking your first steps in transitioning into the wonderful world of electric vehicles. Let us walk you through the process of getting a Zaptec Go home charger

Price - £595.00 RRP *without install costs

Start your quote today

Your quote will be based on the following:

  • The price of charger
  • Anything the electrician identifies during your survey

  • Labour for the electrician to complete the install
  • Testing to ensure the upmost safety from your charger

  • Electrical parts to complete the job, such as; wiring, circuit breakers and protection devices near your consumer unit

How does the process work from start to finish?

2. Contact from an approved installer

Within one working day, you will receive an email or text from an installer close to you who can offer you a none obligatory quote.

3. Survey

You will fill out a home survey that ensures our approved electrician can quote you accurately. It asks for information including:

  • Fuse box location
  • Where you want your charge point
  • MPAN - meter point administration number (found on your electrical bill)

4. The Installer contacts your local energy operator

This is done via email to get permission from the DNO (energy operator) for the installation to be approved. They may decide you need a fuse alteration or other adjustments before the install can be carried out. The time to receive approval can vary, depending on your area.

5. Install day

You'll agree on a date for the work to take place.

Standard installation takes 2-4 hours and disruption to be kept to a minimum.

6. Happy charging with our 5-year guarantee

You've selected a safe, proven, and robust charge point that has powered thousands of EV adventures across the globe. Best of all, it is backed by an industry-leading 5-year guarantee for the ultimate peace of mind.