Zaptec Pro Solves Residential Charging Challenges

Leading EV installer Parklive explains how the Zaptec Pro helped them to deliver EV charging solutions for residents in Northwest London.

Zaptec Pro Solves Residential Charging Challenges

Who is Parklive?

Parklive is a leading government grant-approved supplier and installer of electric vehicle chargers. They are experienced at installing EV charge points across a range of different environments including residential blocks, built environments, and commercial and fleet solutions.

The Challenge

The challenge for Parklive was delivering EV solutions for a residential complex in North London. The flats are currently serviced by two car parks with 200 spaces for residents of multiple buildings. The challenge consisted of working with the existing electrical infrastructure capacity to support the additional load of multiple EV chargers. There was also a physical challenge of installing chargers when not every parking space had a pillar or wall to mount the charger. Parklive also wanted to ensure that the installation included future-proofing so that every resident could charge their vehicle as and when they needed to.

The Solution

EV Charging: Zaptec Pro

The Zaptec Pro was installed with flat cables and was the ideal charging solution for the challenge.

  • Flexible charging: the Zaptec Pro is compatible with any EV vehicle, so residents had the option to choose whichever vehicle they wanted.
  • Dynamic load management: the Zaptec Pro benefits from dynamic load management technology which evenly distributes the electrical power across the network in real time. This prevents the electrical system from being overloaded when multiple vehicles are charging. This results in fast charging without the need to pull extra power from the grid, or limit the number of chargers.
  • Phase balancing: the Zaptec Pro utilises phase balancing technology which ensures the electrical load is evenly distributed across all phases of a multi phase system for efficiency and stability.

EV Towers

Parklive solved the physical challenge of not having a pillar or wall to mount the EV charger onto by installing an EV Charging Column that was compatible with the Zaptec Pro EV charger. The tower could be installed on hard or soft ground, with a cable access door, so that the charger could be mounted directly onto the tower.

OZEV Grant

The Zaptec Pro is an eligible charge point model for the OZEV Electric Vehicle ChargePoint and Infrastructure Grant. This meant that Parklive were able to receive a £850 government grant for each unit installed.

How can Zaptec help?

The Zaptec Pro is quick and simple to install with patented dynamic phase load balancing technology, avoiding costly electric capacity upgrades.