Handling returns

Handling returns can be a headache for both customers and businesses.

How the return process works?

The process begins when a customer contacts Zaptec UK Support. This step ensures that customers can easily start the return process. Once the customer's claim is verified by Zaptec it’s authorised and a ticket number is issued. This number serves as a unique identifier for the return and helps track the progress of the process.

Replacement sent within 2 working days...

Upon confirmation of the defect, Zaptec swiftly arranges a replacement unit to be sent to the installer, prioritising minimal disruption and inconvenience. This instant product replacement is a key aspect of Zaptec's commitment to 5 years guarantee.

Returning the Faulty Unit...

The faulty unit must be retained by the installer and returned to us before any remedial works are paid for. We will arrange a courier to collect the unit.

Throughout the process, Zaptec's support team plays a crucial role in coordinating communication between the customer, dealers, and internal teams. This ensures that all parties are kept informed and that the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, efficiency, and sustainability, Zaptec's process sets a high standard for handling returns in the charging solutions industry. With clear communication, prompt resolution, and a focus on quality, Zaptec ensures that customers can trust in the reliability of their products and the support provided.