Zaptec joins the Responsible Business Alliance

Zaptec are excited to join the Responsible Business Alliance, the world’s largest coalition for responsible business conduct globally.

Zaptec has become a member of the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to responsible business conduct in global supply chains.

Who is the Responsible Business Alliance?

The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is the electronics industry’s collective effort towards sustainable supply chains, where members, stakeholders, and suppliers collaborate to improve the environment, working conditions, and corporate governance.

Why did Zaptec join the Responsible Business Alliance?

"We now stand shoulder to shoulder with Polestar, Apple, and Microsoft, sharing our approach with the rest of the industry", says Rigmor Haga, Sustainability Director at Zaptec.

Membership in the RBA is highly regarded in the electronics industry. In addition to sharing best practices, it is founded on principles of collaboration and standardisation for social, environmental, and ethical aspects within the industry's supply chains. In an industry with low transparency, the RBA contributes to increased traceability, openness, and standard methodologies among its members.

"When considering a products life cycle, it’s a long way from raw materials to end product, and its our responsibility to ensure that all workers along the value chain benefit from fair and decent working conditions. The ambition must be that we have responsible production without a negative impact on the people producing it and that we are an active contributor to society. If we don't collaborate with the rest of society, we're not problem solvers," says Haga.

"We want to operate in a way that assures users that the company is not in a situation that finances armed conflict or supports unacceptable conditions to create the products. To achieve this, processes need to be reviewed, and requirements need to be set for suppliers."

With the new regulations from the EU, sustainability reporting will be on par with financial reporting. Zaptec is on track to comply with these regulations from 2026 but is now beginning to align its sustainability reporting to meet these requirements.

What does this mean for our customers?

Property developers, installers and homeowners can choose Zaptec with peace of mind that their products are compliant with the latest regulations, as well as the assurance that their products are responsibly manufactured from the start of the supply chain to installation.

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