Zaptec, the chosen EV charger for UK developers

Zaptec UK is a proven partner for homebuilders. supplying national and regional house builders – like Cala Homes, Vistry Group and Gleeson Homes with the Zaptec Go and Zaptec Pro charge points. 👌

EV charging for developers is now an additional, mandatory task in UK new builds. The industry is scrambling to find cost-effective, safe, fast installs, with reliable solutions that meet industry standards.

Now, that’s quite a list of demands, but it shouldn’t be this much of a headache! Unfortunately, the EV charge space for new development has been somewhat challenging for developers. Many have already been burned by unreliable providers, insufficient supply, quality issues, or faced installation delays and difficulties. Fortunately, Zaptec understands the unique requirements and demands of the homebuilding sector and has been proactive in addressing many of the concerns and challenges that developers face.

Zaptec UK is already a proven partner for homebuilders. We supply leading national and regional housebuilders – like Cala Homes, Vistry Group and Gleeson Homes – with our Zaptec Go and Zaptec Pro charge points. Collectively, our developer customers are building over 25,000 properties per year, and that number is only set to rise as they work to address the national housing shortage. So, let’s look at why these (very smart and sensible) developers are choosing to partner with Zaptec…

An established company with a proven record

Zaptec first built its reputation on ‘the continent’, providing chargers in some of the most advanced EV markets in the world – the Nordics. As a market leader in the region, we’ve learned many lessons throughout the years, including the specific requirements of residential and commercial developers. It’s not just our approach, though, our products are also award winners, including a 2021 Red Dot design award for brand and a 2022 Red Dot Design Award for the Zaptec Go!

We’ll back it for 5 years

More than any other charge point manufacturer, we stand behind our products. For both the Zaptec Go and the Zaptec Pro, we offer an industry-leading 5-year guarantee. Not a warranty, a guarantee! That means we cover both the hardware AND the installation. It gives the ultimate peace of mind, not just to developers but also to the installers and the house buyers.

Available now and built by us (here, in Europe!)

Time and time again we have heard from builders that they have struggled with charger availability and have been told to wait 6 months or more. This has led to major issues, even development sites where half the houses have one type of charger and the other half is entirely different. Zaptec UK have an extensive stock holding in Manchester so we can deliver on one to two weeks’ notice.

Because of the UK’s unique standards and requirements, we manufacture a UK-only version of the Go charger. These are shipped directly from our production centers in Norway and Germany. With both sites operating at full capacity, we can produce up to 500,000 chargers a year, making Zaptec one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality charge points.

We are compliant with industry standards

Knowing that the chargers being installed are compliant with all relevant legislation and standards is critical for developers. As of February 2023, the Zaptec Go is fully compliant with all UK legislation, this includes all of the new standards introduced last year like smartcharging and tamper detection/notification.

Safety first: installation and end-users

When it comes to anything electrical, safety always comes first. Industry safety standards require manufacturers to tick a mandatory amount of boxes, and have a long list of recommendations too, at Zaptec we go the extra mile to make sure we tick the recommended standards too, making us one of the safest chargers on the market. Our components are of the best quality and for that reason, we are as good on the inside as we are on the outside.

Cost-effective without compromising quality

The Zaptec Go is a cost-effective solution for the EV charging space, for new development and home builders, offering a high level of quality at a competitive price point. With our production centers located in Norway and Germany, you can be assured that our quality control is rigorous.

Scandi design: looks do matter

No developer wants to ruin the carefully considered design of a newly built home with an unattractive EV charge point. The Zaptec Go perfectly matches the design of modern homes and comes in six different colours, enough to match every palette.

Zaptec Go in six different colours.

As many homebuilders know, houses are one of the most significant purchases people make, meaning new home buyers can have equally high expectations. Installing a charger that looks as good as it functions is one of those important touches that shows attention to detail.

Fast & easy installation

Time is one of a builder’s greatest resources and a constant challenge for developers. As they say, time is money, and choosing Zaptec means saving both.

The Zaptec Go is one of the fastest chargers to install, engineered with fewer parts and a streamlined design for ease of installation. Once it is mounted to the wall or a post, the cable is connected and all you need to do is commission it! No CT clamps, no complicated fiddly bits, it’s been designed for installer confidence and productivity.

Often the EV charger is one of the last items to complete before a build is ready – don’t miss your deadlines due to time-consuming installations!

Zaptec Go with built-in PEN fault detection in cloud white

Don’t forget the Pro

While we recommend the Zaptec Go for a single home, commercial sites and apartment blocks can benefit from the additional features of the Zaptec Pro. With great functionality, shared user payment solutions, and simple integration, it's a great addition for shared parking. It's been spoken of in such high regard that our developers are installing the Zaptec Pro on their own sites! You can learn more about the Pro here.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the Zaptec Go and how we support developers across the UK with award-winning EV chargers, get in touch with our expert team who can answer all your EV questions.