Zaptec renews its visual identity

Zaptec’s vision is to change the world for the better by creating a more sustainable and electric future. Now we have redesigned our visual profile to meet the future.
The technology company from Stavanger has undergone major transformations since its establishment in 2012. The business ideas have been many, and varied – everything from well technology to electric car charging.
Zaptec’s visual identity has persisted over these years. Now was the time to develop a new visual profile that reflects what Zaptec is today.

In order to appear as a clearer and more attractive brand in electric car charging, we must change. One of the changes we make is a redesign of the entire profile, says Lasse Hult, CMO at Zaptec.

In the development of a new visual identity, we have merged with Scandinavian Design Group (SDG), one of the Nordic region’s leading agencies in brand management and design. The collaboration has led to a unique and exciting brand within electric car charging.

Today we are very proud of and finally show what we have been working on since the summer of 2020 – a completely new visual identity that also includes an upgrade of the logo. Our identity now focuses much more on the experience and freedom you get by charging the car at home. We have taken in our Norwegian roots, and this is shown through the color palette, the image style and our desire to inspire a greener everyday life, says Helga Mørk, Brand Manager at Zaptec.

At the same time as we now come up with a new visual identity, we are also launching a completely new product, namely the world’s smallest smart electric car charger Zaptec Go. The charger can be purchased directly through our new online store or via our dealers.
The new identity goes hand in hand with Zaptec’s investment in international markets. Internationalization makes it more natural to look at what defines Zaptec and where we come from. It was therefore natural to include a Nordic expression in what we work with.

It is important for us to give as many people as possible access to electric car charging so they can charge where they are. It’s a freedom. With internationalization, it is also important for us to show what Zaptec represents, and not least, mark where we come from. We represent the Nordic region. Everything from idea to design and production takes place in Norway, and we are proud to communicate this in a global market, says Anders Thingbø, CEO of Zaptec.

The visual identity is now gradually being taken out in all our channels. It will clarify what Zaptec stands for as a brand in quality, technology and ease of use. Together with our company values ​​where we focus on being respectful, dedicated, agile, innovative and opportunity-driven in everything we do.

Contact:Helga Mørk, Brand Manager ZaptecTelephone: +47 95188073
Based on the west coast of Norway, we at Zaptec are a fast-growing green technology company, specializing in smart systems for electric car charging. In just a few years, our technology has been embraced by a significant proportion of private electric car users and ensured our leading market position in Norway. As a market leader in a country that is already a leader in the development of green mobility infrastructure, our ambitions for Zaptec extend beyond Norway’s borders when we establish a foothold in foreign markets, from Europe to the USA.