A Guide to RFID EV Charging

Learn how RFID Charging works, and how you can use RFID Charging Cards or devices to benefit you or your business.

A Guide to RFIDs with EV Charging

If you’re making the switch from petrol or diesel to EV, you might be wondering if you can just tap and go when you're charging your EV on the road. Our guide explains RFID EV Charging, otherwise known as ‘EV charge cards’ and how they work for EV users and businesses.

What is an RFID for EV Charging?

Put simply, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a way for vehicle users to manage the EV Charger while it’s in use. Typically, it is a function used on Public or Workplace EV chargers like the Zaptec Pro, but can be used on home charging solutions like the Zaptec Go too.

How Does an RFID card for Charging Work?

RFID charging requires a device like a card, key or even your mobile phone, fitted with a microchip used to start and stop EV charging. The microchip holds data and a unique identifying code to authorise the use of the EV charger. It works the same as when you scan a clubcard. It’s simple for users as all they have to do is tap their RFID device of choice on the charger. This sends data to the central server and verifies their identity so they can charge their car.

Do I Need an RFID Card for EV Charging?

Technically you do not need an RFID Card or device for charging. However, some EV chargers, especially on commercial charging points require RFID authentication to start or stop charging. It works as a user access/security device which limits access to the general public and only people with accounts can use the charger.

Benefits of RFID Cards for Home Charging

Choosing an RFID-enabled electric vehicle charger offers a range of benefits for the end user including:

  • Ease of use: A simple tap of the RFID device to activate or deactivate charging is a much simpler process than typing in a complex password.
  • Security: An RFID device prevents unauthorised access to the EV charger. This means only approved users can charge, eliminating the risk of another driver “stealing” energy.
  • Track usage for multiple vehicles: Using an RFID device makes it easier for users to track their electric consumption and the usage of other vehicles for billing purposes. Perfect for landlords or workplace charging.
  • Personalised charging preferences: EV owners can save their preferred charging settings to tailor charging to their needs.

RFID cards or devices offer enhanced control, security, and efficiency for EV owners, giving them peace of mind.

Commercial Benefits of RFID Cards

RFID Charging offers a range of benefits to fleet managers, property owners and businesses to drive income securely.

  • Authorised Users: RFID devices, paired with back-end softwares, allow businesses to identify and authorise who can use the EV charger. Only verified users can use charging facilities such as employees or residents. It eliminates the risks of unauthorised charging.
  • Revenue Generation: RFID technology measures accurate account usage and facilitates a billing and payment processing method when paired with an OCPP provider. Essentially, businesses can track how much electricity is used by each customer or tenant to bill accurately and based on real-time usage.
  • Fleet Management: Fleet managers can check usage and charging patterns which makes monitoring and allocating costs much simpler and operations more efficient.
  • Data Analytics: RFID technology allows businesses to collect data on customers' and clients’ usage such as peak charging times and energy consumption trends, which can help businesses to make strategic business decisions.

RFID Charging cards paired with an OCPP provider offer businesses an additional revenue stream with added security and data insights as well as operational benefits.

How can Zaptec help?

Here at Zaptec, we’re experts in seamless, stylish EV charging solutions. Whether you need a range of Zaptec Pro chargers for your property development or business or a single Zaptec Go EV charger for your home, we can help. Find out more about the Zaptec Key, our safe and secure RFID device today.