Zaptec Sense

Plugs into your fuse box, reads your building's energy consumption and regulates charging speed to maximise available power.

Reduce your electricity bill

Save money by avoiding expensive consumption peaks.

Adaptive charging

Automatically adjusts charging speed based on your building's power consumption.

Prevent overloads

Protects your circuits by preventing overloads while charging.

Zaptec Sense highlights

The system automatically adjusts to your household's electricity consumption, ensuring efficient use of power. When your building's energy usage is low, Zaptec Sense increases charging speeds, and when usage is high, it reduces the power to your EV.

With Zaptec Sense

Without Zaptec Sense

Zaptec Sense is designed to keep your building's fuses safe while efficiently charging your electric vehicles. The power management ensures that your electrical system is never overloaded, offering peace of mind and reliable performance.

Zaptec Sense gives you the power to control your energy costs. Set consumption limits to stay within favourable tariff rates, balancing efficient EV charging with economical power use.

Zaptec Sense provides tailored solutions for every type of fuse box. From the HAN Port in Scandinavia to the P1 Port in Sweden and BeNeLux, we ensure the perfect match. In regions where Smart Meters are yet to be introduced, leaving P1 or HAN ports unavailable, we still have you covered. Select your ideal Zaptec Sense for simple and efficient EV charging.