Zaptec App

A seamless charging experience in the palm of your hand.

Lock cable

Lock and secure the cable to your charging station – with a single click in the app.

Grant access

Choose your circle. Whether it’s family, friends or neighbours, you decide who can charge.

Eco Mode

Tap into Eco Mode and let your smart charger find the cheapest electricity rates from Nord Pool.

Zaptec App highlights

Lock the cable with one button, and easily assign access to choose your charging circle.

Eco Mode taps into Nord Pool's data and initiates charging when rates are lowest, regardless of your electricity provider's spot price deal. Set your departure time and required charge in the app, and it'll make sure your car is ready. Change of plans? Simply switch off Eco Mode.

Quickly view your EV's charging history, a convenient feature for tracking your energy usage.

Everyday charging made smarter with the Zaptec App

Eco Mode for cheaper charging
See charging history
Remote control – give access and lock cable