Quality and safety

Leading the way on quality and safety for EV chargers.

The safest charger on the market

Zaptec Go ranked highest in safety among EV chargers tested by the Norwegian Automobile Federation, meeting all safety requirements and demonstrating full compliance with DC monitoring standards, making it the safest choice.

What makes Zaptec safe?

Our charging units are equipped with powerful protection designed to trip the circuit in the event of any faults occurring and provide isolation to prevent faults from causing dangerous voltages in the charging cable.

The integrated Type B residual current device, on the Zaptec Pro, trips the circuit breaker and prevents dangerous situations from occurring if there is an earthing fault in the vehicle or charging cable. Zaptec Go has integrated 6mA DC RCD protection and requires an external Type A residual current device.

The charging unit performs calibration and self-testing before each charging session. The residual current device is reset automatically by disconnecting the charging plug.

Several internal temperature sensors monitor the internal temperature and turn off charging if the charging unit detects a problem.

If an overload fault occurs, the integrated circuit breakers in Zaptec Pro charging units will ensure that the fault is resolved locally rather than stopping the whole charging system. This minimises any consequential errors, and the charging system will still work. Our Zaptec Go home charger is connected to your house fuse box with its own fuse.

At Zaptec we work proactively on security, including security in the Cloud, because we know that EV chargers are critical infrastructure. Consequently we ensure that we have our own team of the industry’s foremost security experts from the cybersecurity company Ivolve, who work actively on IT security at Zaptec.

Zaptec chargers are made to last, and you can safely charge your car outdoors in all weather conditions. The charging units come with a 5-year guarantee.

All Zaptec charging units are connected to Zaptec’s own cloud service, Zaptec Portal, using either a WiFi connection, 4G, or a wired network. They also receive regular free software updates from our cloud service. This provides electric car owners with a reliable, future-oriented charging solution which can follow developments in the electric car industry and provide consumers like you with a seamless charging experience that is also beneficial to society.

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Safety first

Zaptec's charging systems prioritize safety above all else. Our solutions and components are meticulously chosen to ensure safety. We never compromise on quality, always opting for top-tier components and advanced safety features. Choosing Zaptec means selecting a safe, high-quality charging unit.