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As market leaders in some of the most well-developed EV markets on the planet, we've cultivated our expertise in the challenges of early adoption – and the unique demands of the broader, rapidly expanding customer base.

The market

Increasing demand

The demand for solid EV charging infrastructure will skyrocket in the coming years. As the EV charging market expands, Zaptec is well-positioned to meet this growth. Our experience in Norway and Sweden, where EV adoption is advanced, has given us deep insights into varied market dynamics. This knowledge aids us in understanding and responding to the diverse needs of different customer groups, helping us stay ahead in an evolving global landscape.

The solution

Reliable products

Our product range is built on the foundations of reliability and quality. Each Zaptec charger is developed with a focus on delivering exceptional performance, suited for various environments and demands. We adhere to rigorous international safety standards in our testing processes, ensuring our products consistently offer secure and efficient EV charging experiences.

The profit

Scalable business

Flexibility and scalability are key features of our EV charging solutions. Designed to accommodate the needs of any size – from individual homes to large commercial complexes – our chargers make expanding EV infrastructure straightforward and cost-effective. This scalability is essential for supporting businesses and communities in their transition towards a more sustainable future with EVs. Plus, it leads to a more constant flow of business, returning customers and new, ensuring a steady income growth.

The support

Partnership support

At Zaptec, our approach to partnerships involves more than just supplying products; it's about building relationships and providing ongoing support. We equip our partners with the latest in EV charging technology and insights, ensuring they have the necessary resources to succeed in a rapidly growing market. Our large network of partners benefits from our continuous support, helping them navigate the complexities of the EV charging sector with confidence.

Partner benefits

  • Attract more customers with proven, reliable products.
  • Get a quantity discount on all orders.
  • Free access to our expert product support.
  • Get help with planning and installation for various types of projects.
  • Get access to a wide array of Zaptec marketing resources.
  • Fast shipping, straight from our manufacturers.
  • 5-year guarantee on all products.
  • Simple online ordering through our Zaptec partner webshop.
  • Benefit from our ongoing product and service development.
  • Manage your installations through our free Zaptec Portal.
  • Be featured on our website and the interactive installer map.
  • Use the Certified Zaptec Partner logo, by taking our courses at the Zaptec Academy.
  • Get the opportunity to feature in Zaptec's customer events.
  • Our innovative and digital Zaptec Academy, will give you all the tools you need to become a Zaptec expert. Take the courses when you want, from anywhere in the world.
  • Get direct and free access to our support services.
  • Participate in exclusive Zaptec partner events.

Partner success stories


The main reason Zaptec is our preferred charging system is the quality of the charging stations and the simplicity in everything from installation to operation.

Ole Morten Furseth
Marketing and Sales Manager at Smart Elektro, Norway

Zaptec's unique patented technology, over-the-air control, installer-friendly app married in a Norwegian quality charging solutions are the reasons we decided to become a partner.

Karoly Schottner
CEO of EXPLEO Hungary

It has been a super exciting journey together with Zaptec here in Finland. The Sparkli team is as enthusiastic as ever in building Zaptec’s superior EV charging systems’ market position even stronger. Finnish customers really appreciate the quality and design of Zaptec chargers.

Marko Heino
CEO, Sparkli Finland

How Zaptec solves common EV charging concerns

Zaptec's patented phase and load balancing technology utilises every bit of available power, ensuring efficient charging without the need for costly power upgrades.

Check out this phase balancing demo to see how it works.

With our charging solution, power usage is meticulously tracked and attributed to each user’s consumption. This ensures everyone pays only for their own usage, eliminating concerns about subsidising others' power costs.

Begin with just a few charging stations and expand the installation as demand grows. This flexible approach eases the initial decision-making process, paving the way for future expansion as demand for EV charging increases.

In Zaptec, quality and safety is prioritised above all. All chargers in our range meet the highest safety standards, and are equipped with advanced safety features like Integrated Type B protection, temperature sensors, and self-testing mechanisms. They undergo strict external testing at TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH Laboratory, Munich, to comply with IEC 61851-1 safety standards, making every Zaptec charger a secure and dependable choice.

Our chargers are built for longevity and connected to our cloud for regular over-the-air updates, including new features. This means they not only endure but also improve, staying current with the latest EV charging technology. In short, they get smarter with age.

Our Zaptec Portal makes overseeing and managing the expanding installations a breeze. It provides clear insights into each aspect of the setup, from charging status, power management and user authentication – simplifying the administration of the EV charging network.

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