Our journey

The path to pioneering EV charging technology didn't happen overnight. This is a brief history of Zaptec.


A year of milestones

The production of 500,000 units and a dedicated team of 200 people reflected the company's growth. Revenue surpassed the 1 billion NOK mark by the third quarter. This success was accompanied by the launch of Zaptec Go UK version and the introduction of the French Zaptec Pro. Zaptec Pro also earned the prestigious MID certification.


Innovation and expansion

We took a significant step forward with testing Plug and Charge technology, laying the foundation for a more straightforward charging experience. We expanded our reach by opening new offices in Denmark and France and welcomed 86 talented individuals to our team.

The innovative design of Zaptec Go earned us the esteemed Red Dot Design Award, and we proudly emerged as the test winner in NAF's (Norwegian Automobile Federation) evaluation. Additionally, we unveiled the highly anticipated Zaptec Sense, setting the stage for better energy utilisation.


A brand new charger

In 2021, the standout achievement was the launch of Zaptec Go, our innovative EV charger aimed at private homeowners. Alongside this, our strategic acquisition of NovaVolt in Switzerland marked a crucial development in strengthening our global presence.


Entering the big stage

In 2020, we took a major step forward by going public on the stock exchange. This move was a clear sign of our ambitions to expand and reach new heights in our industry.


Hello, söta bror!

In 2019, Zaptec's journey took us to Sweden with the establishment of Zaptec Sverige. Our move into this new market was about more than just business growth; it was a deliberate strategy to connect with and adapt to a new key region. The experience in Sweden has been instrumental, providing valuable insights and shaping our approach as we continue to explore and integrate into new markets.


Achieving profitability

The company achieved a long-sought-after milestone by becoming profitable, reporting a revenue of 100 million NOK and a substantial profit. As 2018 unfolded, Zaptec's identity took shape, transforming us into the Zaptec we know today – with constant focus on quality and safety.


Welcome, Zaptec Pro

We dedicated ourselves entirely to electric vehicle charging solutions through the launch of Zaptec Pro. This strategic move proved to be a turning point, resulting in a significant revenue increase of 240 million NOK. Zaptec Pro earned a reputation for its reliability and excellence, gaining the trust of customers in a market that was still emerging. It was a year characterized by a clear strategic direction.


A year of preparation

Zaptec had 33 employees and over 10 consultants, but no revenue. The growing pressure made our next move crystal clear. Instead of spreading our efforts thin, we needed to take a bold leap forward.


NASA and narrowing our focus

We explored various applications for our technology, from water purification to long-distance electricity transport. We received recognition from organisations like ESA and NASA, and plans were put in place to use our technology on NASA's Rover for surface drilling during a planned Mars mission. However, 2015 proved to be a year of decelerated progress. Attracting investors for our niche concepts posed a challenge. Nevertheless, the idea of pivoting our focus towards EV charging started to take a more prominent role in shaping our future path.


Partnership with Renault and the birth of a new idea

In 2014, Zaptec ventured into the world of electric vehicles for the first time. Renault had released the fully electric Renault Zoe, but they had huge difficulties finding a charging solution that worked well with the Norwegian power grid, more specifically the TN (Terra Neutral) net. Renault reached out to Zaptec, and together we developed a special charging cable, with our transformer, that turned out to be integral for Renault's massive success in the Norwegian market.

This marked the humble beginning of our EV adventure.


Development and the life of a startup

As technological progress continued, Zaptec encountered the kind of challenges that many startups face. We ventured into uncharted territory, grappling with issues related to shares, ownership, and finances. During this challenging period, Valinor came on board as a majority owner, providing a stable platform to operate from.


The journey begins

The journey of Zaptec began in 2012, marked by our development of patented technology in super-compact power electronics and transformers. Our initial hypothesis was that this innovation could redefine the limits of operations in challenging environments, such as deep-seabed drilling. But it quickly became obvious that it had the possibility to transform various other sectors.

We were laying the groundwork for a series of innovations that would challenge and reshape industry norms.