Zaptec Portal

Our cloud platform monitors, balances, and optimises the load between charging stations, while displaying real-time power usage.

Real-time insights

Access the charging history for the entire installation, individual charging stations or users for specific periods

Be in control

Installation owners can restrict charging station access to specific users or open it up for anyone to charge

Flexible configuration

Installation owners can seamlessly add new users and charging stations and configure the system to their requirements

Zaptec Portal highlights

With the Zaptec Portal, you can view and export detailed charging records for installations, stations, or specific users. This straightforward report provides a clear and concise summary of usage, making it simple to track and manage the entire installation.

Installation owners can control station access, either limiting it to selected users or opening it to all. You can also segment charging stations by user groups, designating some for guests and others for private use within the same setup. To access user-specific histories on shared stations, users must register and link their RFID tag, charge card or the Zaptec App.

We offer an open API, which means you can connect your chargers with payment services or smart solutions, like Monta or Tibber, for a streamlined and efficient charging experience. This integration offers enhanced user convenience and advanced functionality.

  • Zaptec Help Center: At our Help Center, you can find the assistance you need for various issues. Whether it's troubleshooting or seeking specific information about products or FAQ, we have designed this platform to provide quick and effective support.
  • Customer support: Find contact information for customer support in each country, ensuring you get the support you need, tailored to your location.
  • The benefit of cloud: Because the Zaptec Portal is a cloud platform, we can resolve a vast majority of cases remotely. This capability not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that, if you're in contact with us, we can have a more informed and productive discussion about your issue, leading to quicker solutions.