Zaptec Pro

Whether it's a single charging station or a thousand, our system is designed for efficient charging at any scale.

Patented technology

Charge a large number of cars without costly capacity upgrades thanks to our patented dynamic phase and load balancing technology.

Flexible installation

Quickly scale from one to 1000+ charging stations and manage them all seamlessly with free access to our Zaptec Portal.

5-year guarantee

Zaptec Pro is built to last. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Norway for some of the roughest weather on the planet.

Zaptec Pro highlights

Zaptec Pro features dynamic load and phase balancing, which means you can utilise the available power more efficiently compared to traditional charging systems. This provides a seamless distribution of power among all vehicles, without overloading the facility. Our system ensures an efficient and equitable charging experience for users – no matter how many there are.

Predicting future charging demands can be challenging. Begin with two charging stations, and know that you can easily expand with five, 15, 50, or 200 charging stations at a later time without significant and expensive interventions. Whether it happens in one, three, or ten years.

Zaptec Pro represents quality and safety featuring built-in protection that continuously monitors the product through integrated sensors measuring temperature, overcurrent, residual current, and humidity. The product has undergone external testing to confirm compliance with all safety requirements of IEC 61851-1 and IEC 60364, and it comes with a five-year guarantee.

Know that your vehicle receives precisely the amount of electricity you pay for. Zaptec Pro (MID) is equipped with a self-developed, built-in measuring instrument that adheres to the European Union’s Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). You can also monitor how much power is used in each charging session from the display on the charging station.

MID-certified charging stations are a requirement in several European countries. In other markets, it’s currently optional, yet still a hallmark of quality and an advantage.

Always connected with WiFi, PLC or 4G LTE-M – with over-the-air updates for the latest features.

Use Zaptec Portal at no cost for total control of your charging stations. Manage all chargers, track usage per user, and update firmware effortlessly.

Skip the car compatibility check – our charger works with any EV.

Our charging stations offer up to 22 kW, depending on your setup and car – that's the highest power you can get with AC charging.

  • Zaptec Help Center: At our Help Center, you can find the assistance you need for various issues. Whether it's troubleshooting or seeking specific information about products or FAQ, we have designed this platform to provide quick and effective support.
  • Customer support: Find contact information for customer support in each country, ensuring you get the support you need, tailored to your location.
  • The benefit of cloud: Because the Zaptec Portal is a cloud platform, we can resolve a vast majority of cases remotely. This capability not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that, if you're in contact with us, we can have a more informed and productive discussion about your issue, leading to quicker solutions.

Zaptec Pro

Scalability is more than a buzzword.

Don’t worry about overcommitting. Start with two charging stations, increase by one at a time, or go all the way to 10, 30 or 1000. Pay as you go.

Zaptec Pro backplate: the essence of future-ready

The Zaptec Pro Backplate provides a straightforward way for apartments, businesses, and public car parks to future-proof their EV charging infrastructure. There's no need for a complete setup initially. Once the backplate is installed, the main infrastructure work is complete – when you're ready to add a charging station, simply fix the Zaptec Pro on to the backplate. This efficient approach offers the flexibility to expand at your own pace, making it as simple as it is smart.

What makes our charging technology unique?

Most buildings have three power phases, but consumption is rarely perfectly balanced between them. Since many EVs charge on just one phase, you risk reducing charging speeds drastically when many cars charge on the same phase. With our dynamic phase balancing, it’s as if we physically move cars around the parking lot to utilise all three phases evenly. Depending on your car, we can also switch between one and three-phase charging.

Explore all our charging features with the Zaptec App

See charging history
Remote control – give access and lock cable
Authentication and access control

Monitor your building's energy use and adjust charging speed with Zaptec Sense

Prevents circuit overload
Auto-adjusted EV charging
A tool to lower electricity bills

Zaptec Portal is the brains behind our smart charging infrastructure

Add new charging stations
Change settings
Add new users
Get charge reports
Real-time status on power and phase capacity

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