The world's largest manufacturer of escalators, Schindler AG, and their integration of Zaptec chargers

Why Zaptec became part of Schindler’s ambitious journey to Net Zero.

Since its founding almost 150 years ago, Schindler has evolved into a global mobility solutions provider, with over 1800 employees at its headquarters in Ebikon, Lucerne.

The company is dedicated to reaching its ambitious goal of Net Zero by 2040.

This is also evident at their headquarters: 7 photovoltaic systems, including two award-winning installations, cover 25% of the campus's annual energy needs.

An extensive biodiverse green space complements the area. The electrification of the company fleet is another important pillar, with over 150 electric vehicles already in use. Therefore, the gradual expansion of charging infrastructure is essential.

Goals for the charging solution

  • Efficient management of charging stations
  • Scalable expansion of installations

Why Zaptec?

Essential for the large-scale setup: dynamic load balancing. After thoroughly evaluating providers, the parking spaces at the Ebikon site and all Swiss locations have been equipped with more than 240 Zaptec Pro charging stations. In addition to the appealing aesthetics of the stations, numerous technical factors were decisive, particularly dynamic load balancing, which efficiently and safely regulates the charging capacity. And utilize the available energy in the best way possible.

An investment in the future

Scalability, coupled with robust connectivity, was another critical consideration. With over 800 spaces, the parking garage is a central hub, with charging points available on all levels, including the outdoor parking area. The flexible mounting of Zaptec Pro using the backplate proved invaluable.

Also, thanks to power line communication (PLC), the stations are interconnected and linked to the Zaptec Portal. This eliminated the need for a separate communication solution.

"Electric mobility is integral to our sustainability strategy. The Zaptec charging solution provides reliable investment security in electrifying our company fleet."

Herbert Stadelmann, Head of Facility Management, Schindler Elevator AG

Simplified operation and billing

New charging stations are connected and monitored through the Zaptec Portal. The charging cables remain locked at the stations. Each parking space has a QR code that allows registered employees to pay for the energy they use for their private vehicles. Guests are provided access to the charging stations through an RFID card.

"The straightforward commissioning and the Zaptec Portal facilitate the installation handling for us."

Markus Broch, Project Manager, Schindler Elevator AG

Clean fleet: Integration with photovoltaics

As part of its commitment to environmental goals, Schindler also focuses on its electricity sourcing. The company now exclusively obtains electricity from renewable sources. Solar panels are installed on parking lot roofs, as well as on the roofs and facades of several buildings. Their combined capacity amounts to 1,550 kWp DC (kilowatts peak), and they also power the charging infrastructure.