Passion for quality: the sky-high demands of high-end residential projects  

Zaptec’s EV charger was a natural choice for housing developer's new project

Zaptec’s EV charger was a natural choice for housing developer's new project

Customer: Housing developer Heidi Øglænd

The Challenge: 

Electric car charging has become a “must” in new homes. This demanding group of buyers expect to be able to charge their car in their new home from day one. The challenge is to find a charging solution that fulfils their expectations in terms of design, functionality, and quality.

The Outcome: 

Heidi Øglænd chooses Zaptec Go for new housing projects, both because the new owner can charge their car immediately, but also because the charging station is award-winning for design, functionality, and safety. This makes it a safe and secure choice – and a promotional product.

Heidi became interested in interiors and design at the age of ten. Her mother bought interior design magazines, which were not available in ordinary shops at the time. Heidi remembers that flipping through these glossy magazines felt like a luxury. Like something special.

"I come from a style-conscious home. My mother has always been style conscious, but it was always timeless. It wasn’t trends. It was things that last. I’ve taken a lot of these thoughts into my own work."

The Emotional Aspects of Exclusive Homes

There is a lot to get right when selling high-end homes. Heidi is selling a dream home, but it has to be the buyer’s dream as well. They should be able to imagine a life in the homes she sells. She believes this is the key to success.

“There are some things that go without saying. Finding the right location. Working with good craftsmen. Choosing quality products. And since it’s sales, we need to reach as many people as possible. But I never make anything I wouldn’t live in myself. I don’t choose products that I wouldn’t want myself. What I sell must be something I can vouch for.”

The houses will last for many years. That is the commitment. It should be easy for the buyer to come in and put their own stamp on the property. Call it a blank canvas. But this blank canvas should be of such high quality that there is no reason to improve the basics.

When Electric Car Charging is as Natural as a Parking Space

The wish list and the list of requirements has changed a lot in the housing market in recent years. We have higher demands for smart solutions in the home. Whether it is smart control of heating, lighting, and communication, or the degree of energy efficiency. Another noticeable difference is the expectation of being able to charge your electric car from the day you move into a new house. It is a relatively new concept. This is also where Heidi’s preference for Zaptec comes into play. The reason is twofold.

“I choose it because of the design. In a way, it becomes a piece of art on the wall. For me, it is important that when you are choosing something, you must choose something nice and suitable. When you invest so much in well thought-out details, it is a shame when additional detail breaks the fundamental design. I’m not very technically minded, so the fact that it has won awards for functionality and safety is also reassuring to me. That makes it a safe choice, too.”

In the home we meet Heidi in, quality is definitely paramount. The walls of the garage glisten subtly in the light reflected from the car. The colours inside the house are soft, inspired by nature and the Nordic style, while everything you touch, railings, doors, and various surfaces feels solid.

Now the house is ready for new owners, who will be able to enjoy all these qualities as well as a fantastic charging experience from Zaptec.