Rønning Elektro share their experiences of Zaptec’s charging system

Listen to the advcie from one of our partners Rønning Elektro. They have installed 1000 charging stations and have worked closely with us for years.
Zaptec relies on the great professionals that represent the company out in the field. It is essential that good professionals handle the evaluation of projects, planning of installations, fitting and follow-up work. This is why Zaptec has more than 300 certified installers in Norway who have all completed our distributor training course.
Rønning Elektro is one of our many installers and they have installed multiple Zaptec charging stations in Rogaland. They are based in Stavanger and deal with a wide range of assignments – big and small – in the electrical field, including Zaptec’s charging systems. We had a chat with Gunnar Svenssen, who has three years of experience as a Zaptec installer, about what it is like to work with the charging system.
We largely use Zaptec in housing cooperatives/jointly owned developments, commercial premises and other larger facilities. We have also fitted Zaptec in some detached houses and townhouses, but we prefer to use Zaptec for larger systems since they work so well together. They are good systems and we can add the installation to the same cable, which is not possible when using other types of charging stations. This means that 10-25 cars can be charged simultaneously from the same, single power supply.

Zaptec ensures more straightforward installation through the use of one cable that does not require fuse protection.

The partnership with Zaptec has been great. We have even been somewhat involved in the further development of the product and service. For example, we have offered plenty of feedback in relation to various menus and features in the cloud-based Zaptec Portal service. The developers at Zaptec have incorporated this input into their development of the services. It is reassuring to know that the product and services are constantly improving and getting easier to install and use.

There are many advantages to Zaptec, but it is above all its simplicity and flexibility that is why we use Zaptec rather than other equipment. The straightforward installation process ensures predictability when we fit the charging system from Zaptec. It is also easy to connect the charging station to the Internet. A rapid installation time means we save time and that the installation costs for customers are reduced. Although Zaptec’s charging stations are slightly more expensive than average, the overall package is still advantageous thanks to the quicker installation time.

It is simple to calculate the time it takes to fit because the charging solution is predictable.

We explain to our customers that Zaptec is not the cheapest system, but that they are top notch when it comes to quality and functionality. Feedback from customers is positive. They feel like they are receiving a professional product with many useful features.

At Rønning Elektro, we are highly focused on delivering a great overall product. This is why we take care to set up infrastructure properly so that it is predictable when further expansions to the system are made, and further charging stations are fitted subsequently.

Rønning Elektro has installed 1000 charging stations from Zaptec and installs between two and three major systems every week.
Do you have any big projects on the go?

Yes, amongst others we have a major outdoor system at Anne Grimdalens vei that we are about to start work on. Additionally, we are currently working with the Haugtussa Housing Cooperative on approximately 200 parking spaces. Normally, there are only 20 to 60 parking spaces at a housing cooperative.

My advice to other installers who want to become Zaptec installers is that it is important to find a template for how to do it. In the beginning, we carried out installations very differently to how we do it today. We have now honed our technique and developed a system. We try to make the installation process and operation as simple, cheap and uniform as possible.

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Zaptec has several very satisfied installer who install Zaptec’s charging systems throughout Norway and in 14 other countries. They are the key to Zaptec’s success in the electric car charging market.
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