Smartly launches EV charging for housing cooperatives with Zaptec

Smartly launches EV charging services with Zaptec charging system. The power consumption is automatically retrieved from the ZapCharger Pro charging station and into Smartly Administration Tool, where each EV owner is invoiced directly for his/her actual power consumption.
Now you can get the Zaptec charging system together with Smartly's Administration Tool.

Fair cost allocation and administration of the Zaptec EV charging system for housing cooperative and industry.

With Smartly EV charging solution, EV owners pay for their own power consumption when charging. The user registers the credit card in the charging app. Payment for the user is transferred to the housing cooperative / company to cover joint electricity bills. Smart, right? Smartly ensures operation and support of the charging station installation throughout its life. Smartly has 24 hours customer service and 24-hour support, and technical support from kl. 08.00 - 16.00. The service contains: - EV charging stations installed, tested and put into operation - Optimal power management of the Zaptec charging system - Access control for Zaptec charging stations - Payment and settlement - Monitoring and operation of the Zaptec EV charging system - Monthly reporting on the use of the Zaptec charging stations Several EV owners can share the same charging station, this makes it possible to share the installation cost. Smartly provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year as part of the service. With Zaptec and Smartly, the board of the housing cooperative don´t have handle the invoicing and support for EV owners. Read more at Smartly