ZapCharger Pro installed in London

ZapCharger Pro installed in London, a future-thinking housing cooperative. Installing infrastructure and 51 backplates for 163 parking places

EV stations, ZapCharger Pro installed in London. Yesterday we signed our first customer in London (UK), for a future-thinking housing cooperative in central London.
This will be an incredibly exciting and important project for Zaptec and marks the start of our international journey in a market that is growing exponentially. Now we are already represented in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland and the UK.This is going fast!
This housing cooperative is installing infrastructure and 51 backplates for all 163 parking spaces. To ensure everyone, have an option to charge at an early stage they are placing the charging stations so that they each reach 4 parking spaces. If the need increases for more charging time they can easily have more charging stations installed later.
[blockquote class=”style2″]Charging stations: 10 ( 5 installed immediately )
Backplates: 51 installed
Power supply: 3-phase, 400V, TN-net
Max charge current: 22kW
Installer: SED ELECTRICAL LTD[/blockquote]
Zaptec wants to create Norwegian jobs in the rapid growing Electric Vehicle industry. We develop and produce the world’s best charging station here in Norway and deliver to one of the newest, most exciting markets for a long time
Teknisk Ukeblad has written a great article about the projects we work on both in Norway and international, in Norwegian here.
We want to thank all our partners on this journey!