Zaptec Sweden - new partner company in Power Circle

Norwegian Zaptec steps into the Swedish market and at the same time joins Power Circle, which further strengthens the partner network in charging infrastructure and e-mobility. Power Circle is working to highlight the role of electricity in a sustainable social development where electrification of the transport sector is high on the agenda alongside energy storage and the electricity grid of the future.
Zaptec, founded in Norway, has shortly become an established player in charging infrastructure for tenant-owner associations and companies in the Norwegian market. A total of 80,000 parking spaces currently have a charging solution from Zaptec and the number is increasing every day. All Zaptec products are designed, developed and produced in Norway with a high focus on quality and durability.
The ambitious climate goals in the transport sector, together with strong growth in rechargeable vehicles, make Sweden a natural next step in Zaptec’s international expansion. The partnership in Power Circle will be an important part of establishing itself in the new market.

We are excited to be part of Power Circle’s network with the opportunities for collaboration that it provides. To solve one of today’s biggest challenges, a 100% fossil-free vehicle fleet, companies, organizations and politicians need to work together and exchange knowledge. Power Circle is a possibility for this, says Anna-Karin Andersen, CEO of Zaptec in Sweden.

The electrification of the vehicle fleet is crucial for managing the climate change. Power Circle has long worked to follow the trend and came out in January with a forecast of 2.5 million rechargeable cars in Sweden by 2030. With an increasing share of renewable electricity generation and with capacity shortages in parts of the country, it becomes important to see the electric car fleet as a resource that can contribute with the necessary demand flexibility and energy storage. Smart charging at all places in the community is critical for this and Zaptec’s expertise makes a valuable contribution to Power Circle’s network.

Lessons learned and experience from other markets are of great value to Power Circle’s network and our work. We look forward to working with Zaptec, and in collaboration with other partner companies, to work for sustainable development through electrification, ”says Johanna Lakso, CEO of Power Circle.

About Zaptec:
Zaptec is a Norwegian technology company that in a short time has become a world leader in smart charging systems for electric cars. The company is the market leader in Norway within charging stations for tenant-owner associations and companies and in 2019 introduces a home charging station, Zaptec HOME.
Zaptec consists of 26 proud employees based in Stockholm, Stavanger and Oslo. All with the goal of simplifying everyday life for customers and improving the environment. They have developed a unique technology that makes it possible to create scalable and user-friendly charging stations that are connected to the cloud and that can be adapted to the customer’s needs – even in the future. During 2018, the company had a turnover of MNOK 100 with a positive result. All products are designed, developed and produced in Norway.

About Power Circle:
Power Circle brings together the new energy industry around important future issues. Together with the approximately 60 partner companies, Power Circle works for sustainable development through electrification. The partner companies include energy companies, technology suppliers, service companies, universities and other organizations. The business focuses on networks, dissemination of knowledge, demonstration and influence in future issues such as the future’s electricity grid and energy storage, electrification of transport and renewable energy.