Zaptec Portal

User interface that gives you a complete overview of the charging station. Read charging history, register users, add stations, update and monitor in real-time.
Did you know that ZapCharger Pro comes with a cost-free full-bodied cloud solution? Zaptec Portal is a web portal where you as an owner or service partner of an installation can get a complete overview of the operation of the charging system. Here you will, amongst other things, have access to monitoring, charging statistics, charging reports, user registration and more.

Installation Overview

Monitoring of charging stations in a system with real-time load status. Information about the use of electric power phases and information about finished electric cars.

Charging Statistics

Graphic representation of kWh consumption for the entire charging system and per charging station.


Charging report

Table of actual consumption per charging station or user, with information on the number of sessions, time connected and total consumption in kWh.

User registration

Each charging station can connect to a user profile. The charging system administrator has the ability to add new users with an email invite.

User groups

Enables open guest charging and locked private charging in the same charging system.

Market-leading load balancing included:

By connecting a ZapCharger Pro to the internet, it will gain access to an entirely new toolbox of functionality. In the cloud, we run the market's most advanced load balancing system for electric vehicles with the goal of utilizing as much of available energy over time as possible.

Load Balancing

Balances energy based on allocated available power to all active charging stations in the charging system at all times.

Phase Balancing

Dynamic phase balancing (patent pending) lets our system handle both 1 phase and 3 phase simultaneously and prevents grid imbalance.

Future Upgrades

As our charging station ZapCharger Pro, our web portal is also a live product with new upgrades regarding improved performance and functionality. Updates to the basic package reviewed will also be free, while activation of other functionality such as payment solutions, power saving, booking and integration with various facilities will generally incur a cost.