Zaptec scales up in the UK with a new Scottish presence

Zaptec is increasing our presence the UK. We have a new manager in Scotland. Please meet Lindsay Yeoman.
As a part of our expansive growth strategy working to bring EV charging to the masses we have brought onboard Lindsay Yeoman to help electrify the transportation sector in Scotland. Prior to Lindsay ‘s arrival in Zaptec we had a chat with him to get to know him a bit better.
So, your interest in electric vehicles really stemmed from your time with the Low-Carbon Economy Unit? What sort of things were you involved with?

Absolutely. Working at Transport Scotland focussed on creating the environment to encourage EV adoption right across the country. I was involved in some great programmes there, including the interest-free loans for EV purchases and the rollout of Scotland’s ChargePlace Scotland charging network. The highlight was effectively supporting the decarbonisation of over 3,000 public sector vehicles.

These experiences not only grew my passion for EVs and low-carbon transport but also showed me some of the challenges involved in adoption. That was part of my motivation in joining Zaptec – it is a product and business that I can really stand behind and I believe will be hugely successful and important in Scotland and in the UK.
What do you think about EVs now? Is it a good time to ‘go electric’?
As a father, I am thinking more about the future and how I can do the right thing in terms of climate action. I believe that EVs, are slowly becoming less about preference and increasingly becoming a key part of the ending our over reliance on fossil fuels.
Active travel and the use of EV’s will become more accessible with time and will be best option for most people. I think now is a fantastic time to get an EV, the vehicle technology has matured significantly. In addition efficient, reliable and fast home chargers are readily available thanks to Zaptec.
So, do you have an EV or hybrid? Whare some of your favourite places or roads to drive?
I have had a number of different EVs over the years. At the moment, we have a Kia eNiro, with over 250 miles of range. I love the phrase ‘all roads lead to home’ and it seems that whenever we are off driving as a family, it is to visit friends or family in the southwest of Scotland. In terms of roads, Scotland is full of fantastic routes. The A701 at ‘Devil’s Beef Tub’ is stunning, and the downhill stretch to Moffat is brilliant for regen charging. Really, I enjoy any driving where there is wonderful countryside and very little traffic. This also explains why I don’t like the Edinburgh bypass, at any time!
What is EV ownership like in Scotland? What will Zaptec bring to EV drivers?
Over the past 4-5 years, Scotland has become a truly fantastic place to own an EV. With a robust public charging network and the introduction of newer, lower-cost EVs and plug-in hybrids, electric propulsion is powering more and more Scottish journeys. Another important factor is the simplicity of finding a high-quality home or work charging solution. That is why I am so focused on establishing a robust and dependable installation programme in Scotland. With experienced and knowledgeable installers that will do the right thing by customers, Zaptec will help to power EV adventures across the country!
About Lindsay Yeoman
Originally a Business Management and IT graduate from The University of the West of Scotland, Lindsay started his career in Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s graduate scheme, rising through the ranks to become Branch Manager for the Scottish Borders region. Soon, though, a family history of working in public service prompted him to join the Registers of Scotland (the Scottish Land Register) before he eventually ended up at the Low-Carbon Economy Unit at Transport Scotland, where his passion for EVs really took off.
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