What to remember for your electric vehicle holiday in Norway this summer?

The general holidays are nearly here and many people are travelling by electric vehicle. Are you one of them? Read Zaptec's recommendations.
The general holidays are nearly here and many people are choosing to travel by electric vehicle. If this includes you, you may find it useful to create a smart to-do list. We have listed the key points for you.
1. Prepare for the journey so that you know where you will be going.Remember to properly plan the journey so that you know when the next ferry departs, where you can stop for a break and how far it is between each stop. How about assigning everyone on the journey responsibility for their own part of the route? This will ensure that everyone is involved in the entire journey.
2. Find your charger map.It is never nice when your vehicle runs out of power. We therefore recommend that you plot in a few different options for your route and ensure that you always preserve some power in the event that there is a queue at the location where you were planning to charge. The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association’s electric vehicle app is a great tool for identifying your next charging station. We also recommend that you download the apps you need to charge at the fast-track stations along the road and that you enter your payment card details before leaving home. That way you will not have to waste time doing it when you should be charging.

Example apps

– mer’s charging app 🇬🇧 – elton’s charging app 🇳🇴 – bilkraft’s charging app 🇳🇴
3. Charge your electric vehicle before departing.You are probably well aware of this, but make sure you have enough power before setting off. Start charging your vehicle the day before you leave so that it is ready for when you set off.
4. Remember to bring your charging cable and emergency charging cable for your vehicleWe recommend bringing a charging cable that fits charging outlet 2, which is the European standard. It can also be a good idea to bring an emergency charging cable that fits schuko power sockets. A Good Samaritan might be able to give you some power should you be unfortunate enough to run out along the way.
Your electric vehicle journey starts with a fully charged electric vehicle
5. Remember to pack all your bits and bobsIn order for everyone to enjoy the journey, it can be good idea to pack everything you need access to inside the vehicle in a small bag. Remember to bring enough water, some light snacks and a cooler kit for children (or others) who experience motion sickness. This could include wet wipes and kitchen towel and a bowl in case of accidents.
6. Power bank for your mobile phones, tablets and other electronics you need to keep charged.Everyone knows how annoying it can be to run out of power when you need it. This also applies to smaller devices such as mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. Remember to charge the power bank before setting off.
7. Pack properly.Remember that it can be a good idea to place the heaviest items at the bottom so that you can all enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. This way you avoid any flying objects or unfortunate surprises such as broken items. It is also a good idea to pack so that everyone has their own bag.
8. Take plenty of photosRemember to document your journey along the road. Whether it is the small moments, the vehicle, the route, the views, the charging or something entirely different. The journey will often create just as many memories as the destination itself. Don’t forget that!
Have a happy summer on the roads and enjoy your adventures!