Electric vehicle parking in Oslo Municipality

Elbillading er ikke lenger gratis i Oslo. Zaptec tilbyr ladere til arbeidsplasser, bedrifter og boliger og er godkjent av støtteordningen til Oslo Kommune.
Oslo municipality is the municipality with the most electric vehicles in 2019. More and more people are choosing to replace their fossil fuel car with an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the enormous rise in electric vehicles comes with some challenges for the owners of electric vehicles. The infrastructure for charging points and rapid chargers for electric vehicles has not been developed at the same speed as the sale of electric vehicles has increased.
in Oslo, there are only 1,450 municipal charging stations for electric vehicles, and a resolution has been passed to establish 600 new EV charging stations. Of all new cars sold in Oslo, 50% are now electric, and as we moved into 2019, there were 38,279 electric vehicles in Oslo In 2018, over 12,000 new electric vehicles were registered in Oslo. During the same period, 19 new charging stations were established. This means that more and more people are having to compete to charge their vehicles at the municipal charging stations in Oslo.
In a survey carried out by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association between June 2017 and July 2018, 61% of electric vehicle owners in Oslo said that they had to queue up to charge their electric vehicle. This can be an extremely frustrating situation to have to deal with.
Making sure that people have efficient charging facilities for their electric vehicles has never been more important, since the number of municipal and public EV charging stations only meets the needs of a very small proportion of electric vehicles.

Charging electric vehicles at home solves the problems of EV charging
With a charging point from Zaptec, you will solve all your EV charging problems. With charging of up to 22 kWh, in only one hour the charging point can charge your vehicle enough to drive 100 km. Since the majority of journeys by car in the city are short trips, this will be a system that is more than adequate for most people’s EV charging requirements.
Our charging stations are designed to be installed anywhere from private garages and car parks to shopping centres and big commercial buildings. Zaptec’s charging stations are waterproof and built for Norwegian conditions. Whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring, your charging station is guaranteed to function perfectly in Norwegian conditions.
Zaptec’s charging point will be installed by an approved electrician. This guarantees that charging will be safe and efficient, with no risk of overloading the grid or causing a fire hazard. Zaptec’s charging points for electric vehicles are what are known as smart charging stations. They adjust the electrical consumption of a charge so that the charging current is reduced during periods when you are using a lot of power at home. This means that you can be sure that charging your electric vehicle will not blow your fuses.
Our charging stations are suitable for all electric vehicles. Some EV charging points are only suitable for specific types of vehicle. This means that you have to pay for a new charging point – and its installation – if you buy a new electric vehicle. Our smart charging points are suitable for all vehicle types, and regulate charging speed and current strength on the basis of the electric vehicle’s specifications.
Zaptec provides charging facilities for private homes, housing cooperatives and commercial enterprises, and has been approved for Oslo Municipality’s grant scheme.
End of free EV charging
Up to now, you could charge your electric vehicle free in Oslo municipality’s parking spaces. In 2018, when the city council approved the municipal budget for 2019, it decided that charging in municipal parking spaces would now be subject to a fee. The cost of charging will be NOK 10 per hour between 09:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Saturday.
Parking in charging spaces in high demand is limited to 3 hours, and if you do not use the space to charge your vehicle, you will get a parking fine. However, it will still be free to park at normal electric vehicle parking spaces.
Oslo Municipality has decided that in 2019, it will provide funding for 16,500 charging spaces in Oslo. This means that you can get a grant from Oslo Municipality to install your own charging point at home. Owning an electric vehicle requires more planning for trips than a fossil fuel car, because you cannot fill up your tank in a few minutes at a petrol station. That is why it is so important to ensure that you have good charging options for your electric vehicle.