Zaptec launches in Denmark

Zaptec og Spirii samarbeider i Danmark om å gi elbillading til danske kunder. Spirii ble anbefalt Zaptec av sine partnere.
The Danish company Spirii was never in any doubt about which charging solution it wanted. “We have trialled a number of partnerships, but this solution is both competitive and beneficial to the customer”.
Zaptec og Spirii på Bornholm
Spirii installed Zaptec at the Danish island Bornholm.
This statement was made by Spirii’s founder, Tore Harritshøj, on behalf of his colleagues. The start-up is less than two years old, but the people behind the company have many years of experience from the industry, with a focus on electric vehicles, charging and the development of the transport and energy systems of the future. This was a major influence in Zaptec’s decision to enter the Danish market. Spirii knows all about sustainable driving.

We have worked with several partners within the areas of both AC and DC. Zaptec’s quality complements our backend systems and solutions. These synergies make the solution far more attractive to the customer, Harritshøj says.

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Shared business model benefits electric car owners
A shared understanding and future-oriented technology are important to Zaptec.

Spirii is closely aligned with our business model. We have a shared understanding that new charging station technology will be beneficial for the future. Not just for us but also for the electric vehicle owners of tomorrow, says Fredrik Lima.

Lima is responsible for launching Zaptec’s products across Europe. He says that Zaptec managed to quickly gain ground in Denmark and that several hundred charging stations have already been installed there as of September 2020.
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COVID-19 accelerates the work
The pandemic has not stopped further growth in Europe. Lima notes that progress can still be made, even when working from home.

It is absolutely possible to develop, even when you are faced with global restrictions and you are working from home, he says.

And that is exactly how it happened. Initial contact was made in March 2020, following recommendations from several Danish installers. This allowed the Danish start-up to learn about the Norwegian charging station based on expert recommendations, resulting in increased credibility for the product.
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Gode Energi installasjon i Danmark av Zaptec
GodeEnergi installed Zaptec Pro from the roof in a parking garage.
Jan Darville is one of the Danish installers who recommended that Spirii take a closer look at Zaptec’s solutions. He runs GodEnergi, an electrical installation company that helps create a greener future for the electrical transport sector, amongst others. Design, installation and software are the motivations behind his recommendation of the charging station.

The installation system in the charging station works well and we are able to utilise the opportunities for load-balancing, a field where Zaptec is at the forefront, says Darville.

When a charging system or charging point is load-balanced, charging speed can be adjusted in accordance with the available power. This allows you to charge multiple cars without worrying about blowing the main fuse.

Spirii’s future growth will be determined by the market:

Spirii has already established itself as an important player in the Danish market and we intend to grow and expand into the rest of northern Europe. We will do this through strong partnerships and solutions for which there is demand in the market, says Harritshøj.

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