Annual Report and Sustainability Report for 2023

The Board of Directors of Zaptec ASA has approved Zaptec’s Annual Report for 2023 and Zaptec’s first annual Sustainability Report for 2023.

For Zaptec, 2023 was another successful year with several key milestones reached, demonstrating our commitment to be at the forefront of electric vehicle charging technology. Throughout the year, we gained significant market shares in our core markets, the Nordics and Switzerland. In addition, we continued expanding our presence into new key markets, which, together with our partner-centric sales commercial model and affordable quality product offerings, led to almost doubling our revenue compared to 2022. Further, our pan-European patent for phase balancing technology and the launch of Zaptec Academy highlighted our dedication to innovation and industry standards.

In addition, our focus on sustainability increased in 2023. In our opinion, we produce the market’s best electric vehicle charging stations, enabling electrification of the transportation sector, and easing power-grid strain by optimizing the use of available power. As a result, we established our Sustainability Department in 2023, with competent employees with extensive experience within ESG and the EV charging industry. Zaptec’s sustainability approach is described in our first annual Sustainability Report for 2023.

Download Zaptec's annual report

Download Zaptec's annual and sustainability report.