Zaptec signs the anti-greenwashing pledge

As a part of the e-mobility sector, we've recently made headlines by signing the Anti-Greenwashing Pledge, signalling our commitment to honesty, transparency, and genuine sustainability efforts.

With greenwashing on the rise, according to RepRisk, it's crucial for companies to be held accountable for their claims and actions regarding sustainability. Recognizing this pressing need, we've aligned ourselves with the ten principles outlined in The Guide Against Greenwashing, crafted by prominent Norwegian organizations, including Skift - Climate Business Leaders, Zero, Future in our hands, and WWF Norway.

At its core, the pledge calls for honesty and accountability. We pledge to refrain from using vague terms like "green," "sustainable," or "eco-friendly" without providing concrete evidence of our efforts and outcomes. No more can companies hide behind green leaves or catchy slogans without substance, says Kurt Østrem, CEO at Zaptec.


One of the crucial aspects of the pledge is the acknowledgment of a company's own negative impacts. We recognize that addressing sustainability means confronting uncomfortable truths about our emissions and environmental footprint. Instead of sweeping these issues under the rug, we pledge to confront them head-on and strive for improvement. The pledge also cautions against token gestures. It's not enough to raise a flag or share a hashtag; real change requires substantive action. We pledge to prioritize meaningful initiatives over superficial gestures, focusing on initiatives that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Furthermore, Zaptec acknowledges the importance of established labelling mechanisms. Clear labelling helps consumers make informed choices and fosters transparency within industries. We commit to using reputable labelling systems or working towards their establishment where they're lacking. By signing the Anti Greenwashing Pledge, we're setting a precedent for genuine corporate sustainability. It's a declaration of our commitment to integrity, transparency, and tangible action as we promise not to engage in greenwashing and to do everything in our power we can to minimise our own environmental footprint.

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