Zaptec expands to Germany

Zaptec opens our office in Germany. In June 2021, we opened our very first office in Germany, located in Munich.
Zaptec is growing rapidly. In March, we had offices in two countries. In April, we expanded to the UK, and now we are opening our very first office in Germany, located in Munich.
–I am thrilled to join Zaptec and to have the opportunity to establish a new subsidiary in Germany, says Annika Kunze, Managing Director Germany of Zaptec.
As the sales numbers of electric cars increase rapidly in Germany since last year, and as installation numbers of private chargers accelerate, Kunze believes this is a great opportunity to enter the market.
–I am excited to provide EV drivers with excellent charging products and to support the transition to a more sustainable and electric future, the new country manager adds in.
The market share for EV’s in Germany grew more than threefold in only two years. The market is projected to grow to ten million by 2030. With this significant growth in EVs, there is an urgent need to give more people the opportunity to charge at home, while at work, or when they are out and about in their everyday lives.
In Norway, the CEO is looking at the future with optimism:
– It’s exciting to enter the German market. This is an essential step in giving intelligent charging solutions to Europe’s largest economy and most populous country., says the CEO of Zaptec, Anders Thingbø.
With the solutions empowering the customer to charge their car when they need to, Zaptec has had rapid growth in the market. Zaptec chargers work in apartment buildings, houses, offices, public places, malls, and hotels. The users can take advantage of starting charging in the app, real-time overview of usage, charging when energy prices are lower, and it gives everyone the peace-of-mind to charge when they need to.
About Zaptec
Based on the west coast of Norway, Zaptec is a fast-growing green tech company specialized in smart EV charging systems. Within just a few years, Zaptec’s technology has been adopted by a significant portion of the private EV using public and assured domestic market leadership. As a market leader in a country that is already leading in the development of green mobility infrastructure, Zaptec’s ambitions stretch beyond Norway’s borders as they establish a foothold in foreign markets, from Europe to the USA.