Zaptec is admitted to trading on Merkur Market

Zaptec is listed at Merkur Market October 6th 2020. The company delivers electric vehicle charging both in Norway and Internationally.
The Norwegian technology company will contribute to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector in Europe.
«Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB»
We have successfully completed a private placement ahead of the listing towards institutional investors. Zaptec looks forward to the trading of the stock by everyone in the market”, says Mr. Anders Thingbø, the CEO of Zaptec.

With access to the capital market we will improve our internationalization and the development of our products and services”, explains Mr. Thingbø.

A more sustainable transport sector
A higher share of electric cars in most European countries creates the need to utilize the already available capacity of electric power for EV charging. The technology with load- and phase balancing, developed in Norway, enables as many charging points as possible to the customers with the fastest charging of all available charging systems in the market.
The export share for Zaptec is 2020 year-to-date at 25%, up from 9% in 2019.

More and more non-regulated and renewable energy is produced from solar and wind farms in Europe. This creates difficulties related to the capacity and quality in the power grid. Our technology where the charging is controlled by algorithms in a cloud-based solution participates to solve these difficulties so Europe can reach its’ goals to reduce the CO2 emission from vehicle transportation, says Mr. Thingbø.

About Zaptec
Zaptec is a leading developer and seller of charging systems for electric vehicles and related technology for multi-family homes, office buildings and large parking facilities. Its chargers have integrated phase-balancing technology and utilise Automatic Power Management software, allowing charging at significantly higher speeds compared to conventional chargers without such technology. The group has 32 employees and is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway