Handling returns: Zaptec’s refurbishing program

Handling returns can be a headache for both customers and businesses. However, Zaptec has streamlined this process with its customer-centric Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system.

How the return process works

The RMA process begins when a customer contacts a Zaptec dealer or reaches out directly through help.zaptec.com. This step ensures that customers can easily start the return process. Once the customer's claim is verified by Zaptec or its authorized dealers, an RMA number is issued. This number serves as a unique identifier for the return and helps track the progress of the process.

Customers then return the defective product, ensuring they include the provided RMA number and any necessary documentation. This step is crucial for Zaptec to quickly identify and address the issue with the returned product.

Once receiving defective product

Upon receiving the defective product, Zaptec conducts a comprehensive diagnostic testing process to verify the reported issue or malfunction. This meticulous examination aims to understand the nature of the problem and identify any underlying issues with the product, ensuring we address the matter effectively. Upon confirmation of the defect, Zaptec swiftly arranges for a replacement product to be provided to the customer, prioritizing minimal disruption and inconvenience. This instant product replacement is a key aspect of Zaptec's commitment to 5 years guarantee.

Throughout the RMA process, Zaptec's support team plays a crucial role in coordinating communication between the customer, dealers, and internal teams. This ensures that all parties are kept informed and that the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, efficiency, and sustainability, Zaptec's RMA process sets a high standard for handling returns in the charging solutions industry. With clear communication, prompt resolution, and a focus on quality, Zaptec ensures that customers can trust in the reliability of their products and the support provided.

Refurbishing and extending the Zaptec lifecycle

Over the past year, Zaptec has been on a mission to renew electric vehicle charging stations. We’ve been diving into refurbishment and recycling efforts to keep our Zaptec units running longer and make a meaningful impact on the rapidly growing issue of electronic waste.

How did we do it? We gave our produced charging stations a second shot at life through careful inspection, repairs, and upgrades, as our goal is to shrink our environmental footprint. Although we wish we could have given all returns a second shot, that has not always been the case. Units we were unable to bring back to life were responsibly recycled.

We redirected them from ending up in landfills, and at the same time, contributed to the recovery of valuable materials. We’re ensuring that every bit of our commitment is clear and straightforward and that our efforts resonate with everyone, regardless of their familiarity with sustainability, lifecycle, or refurbishment programs.

Between 2020 and 2023, we've successfully refurbished 2466 charging stations and responsibly recycled 1586 units.

What about those out-of-guarantee cases?

Believe it or not, our dedication to durability goes beyond guarantees. We communicate a 5-year guarantee for all Zaptec chargers, but when we have a return that has passed the golden age of five, we make sure to have a second look because our commitment doesn’t clock out. Not only are we minimizing electronic waste, but we are also ensuring that our customers remain satisfied for the long haul.

Can you spot the difference? RMA Specialist Gabriele Janke is holding a fresh product and a refurbished one, ready for a second go and extending the Zaptec lifecycle. / Photo by: Photographer: Claus Skålevik