Introducing Zaptec Go 2: Redefining EV charging

Zaptec is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the Zaptec Go 2. This next-generation European home charger continues the legacy of excellence established by its award-winning precursor, the Zaptec Go. This new product is crafted with an unwavering commitment to design, ensuring that quality and safety remain central, giving you the freedom to explore new adventures.

Scheduled for release in Q4 2024, Zaptec Go 2 is MID-certified and equipped with a built-in display for monitoring kWh usage.

Next-generation hardware

The charging unit comes with a comprehensive hardware upgrade, enabling feature updates such as 1/3 phase switching and solar integration, in addition to native OCPP for Charge Point Operators and built-in 4G LTE communications from day one.

Now for the big news: Zaptec Go 2’s hardware aims to support AC vehicle-to-grid (V2G), enabling bi-directional charging. Compliance with the upcoming ISO 15118-20, and edition 4 of IEC 61851-1, will allow Zaptec Go 2 to communicate with your vehicle transforming your EV into an energy power bank.

Superior quality and safety

At Zaptec, we understand that a home charger must be reliable and safe. The Zaptec Go 2 features an industry-leading installation process that is as simple as it is secure, making it a perfect match for any home. Our dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of this product's design and functionality, where the MID-certified metering system guarantees accurate energy measurement. Zaptec Go 2 also brings innovation with an improved mechanical design that enables higher charging output at even higher temperatures, without compromising quality.


The Zaptec Go 2 will be released in stages, starting with Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux countries in Q4 2024. Additional details on the rollout and availability in other countries will be announced later.

Zaptec Go 2 highlighted features

  • MID-certified with built-in display
  • 1/3 phase switching
  • Solar integration
  • Vehicle-to-grid (ISO 15118-20 and edition 4 of IEC 61851-1)
  • Improved thermal design
  • OCPP 1.6j

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